ASTRID FODOR – Mayor of Sibiu City

Primarul Sibiului Astrid FodorWelcome to Sibiu!

It is an honor for the city to host the Kyokushin Karate World Championship, a prestigious event of an international appreciated sport and also in the city of Sibiu. I thank the Knockdown Karate Federation and Hirsch Sports Club for organizing this internationally known event in our city.

Choosing a location for the Championship was an inspired one because you are in a city that invests large sums in sporting events, local government being aware of the importance of sport for the harmonious development of its community members, especially young people and children. In today’s society in which children tend to live more and more in the virtual realities around them and the discipline of daily life gets replaced by the feeling of rebellion, karate is, in addition to being a sport that develops the body, also a discipline that develops the mind. Younger generations need to return to decency and respect for the discipline that puts order into their future. World Karate Championship promotes sports and thereby the discipline and the philosophy of balance.

Be, therefore, welcome to Sibiu! I wish success to organizers and athletes, and to those coming from other cities or countries I wish them a pleasant stay in Sibiu.

RAZVAN POP – Vicemayor of Sibiu City

viceprimar-sibiu-razvan-popSibiu is a city that opens its doors to the professional sports and athletes which add value to our citadel. The city that founded romanian handball and gave champions and olympic champions is the ideal “tatami” for the competition you are organizing. As a man who lives in Sibiu I am glad that such a competition takes place in our home. Welcome to our borough!

DANIELA CIMPEAN – President of Sibiu County Council

daniela-cimpean-presedinte-cjThe IFK Kyokushin World Championship takes place for the first time in Romania and is one of the most important sports events of the year 2017 in our country. For Sibiu County, this is a special occasion, and Sibiu County Council is glad host at Transilvania Hall such an important competition, with participants from 40 countries. I encourage and support all initiatives that bring us closer to sports and exercise, and I appreciate all the more such a world-level competition in a sport that builds up not only the physical but also the mental force. I thank Mr. Cristian Hirsch for putting Sibiu on the map of IFK Kyokushin and I wish success to all participants, as well as to the organizing team.
To all the guests coming from outside the country, I wish you a pleasant stay in Sibiu and encourage you to explore the surroundings of the city – you can easily reach the mountains with protected areas of European importance, salt lakes with great benefits for health and fortified churches that tell the multi-cultural story of these places. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the most of Sibiu County – the Southern Gate of Transylvania.

WIEGAND FLEISCHER – Vicepresident of Sibiu County Council

fleischer-wiegandThe city of Sibiu being host of the Karate Knockdown World Tournament (Full Contact) represents a great honor but also a great responsability, considering the fact that athletes from 40 countries will attend. Such a tournament takes place for the first time in Romania and surely Sibiu is the city that can host such a competition at the highest of standards. The credit is due in equal measure to the organizers who had the best project and succeded in convincing the world meeting held in Greece, that this year’s edition be hosted by the city of Sibiu. The previous edition took place 4 years ago in London, and now, the city of Sibiu will welcome, for the first time, the world’s greatest karate fighters. It will be an interesting tournament, especially because more and more young people from Romania train in martial arts and many of them return victorious from international competitions. Sibiu County Council supports these activities in Sibiu county through its sports agenda for which 500 thousand lei were allocated this year.

Good luck to the organizers but most of all to the competitors of the Karate Knockdown World Tournament (Full Contact)!